2011 Annual Appointment

This year’s annual appointment was again very routine. Our new cardiologist, Dr. Thomas Hougen is wonderful. I have found that pediatric cardiologists are among the most personable of doctors and Dr. Hougen is no exception. I do think that he is the cream of the crop, however. I have never been happier with a doctor.

He did an EKG and an echo. Nothing has changed in terms of Jake’s overall health. We continue to watch his leakage, which is still there but not causing any issues. Most amazing of all, he said that Jake does not have an ASD any longer (hole between the right and left atrium, which is separate and distint from TOF), which means it closed up on its own. He actually had to look back in the files to confirm that it was indeed there to begin with.

I’ve said it before, but “we’ll see you in a year” is music to our ears.

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