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Jake’s story

William Jacob Brown – “Jake” was born on September 17, 1999. He was 7 weeks premature, but otherwise healthy….or so we thought until September 20. It was then that we discovered Jake had a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF).

Our world crumbled that day. We didn’t know why this had happened or if Jake would even survive. We vowed that we would do whatever we had to do in order for Jake to live a normal life.  But getting there meant we had some hurdles to clear.

We are not doctors or medical professionals.  We are simply parents who have been there.  We hope this blog will help give hope to other parents who are just starting the journey. 

Jake is now a normal, active and relatively healthy 17 year old.  He currently has no activity restrictions and is a wrestler at his high school and is  working on his 1st degree blackbelt in karate.  


The Chosen One
I had a dream the other night,
It came to me so clear.
I stood before the throne of God,
afraid to come too near.
God said to me “I hear your prayers,
there’s answers you can’t find.
I asked you here to talk to me
and help to ease your mind”
I said “Well yes God, I am disturbed
about my special one.
That punishment is awfully harsh.
Whatever have I done?”
God looked at me and shook his head
and said “You’ve got it wrong.
I sent this special child to you
because you are so strong”
“I searched and searched to try and find
someone with love so rare.
A parent so unselfish they could
give that special care.
I try and save my special gifts
like those your speaking of
for special kinds of parents
I call the chosen ones”
Of all the ones to choose from,
I think this I have done.
A parent who deserves my best,
an honor you have won.
–Author Unknown


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